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Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington, and Belmont, are adjacent towns, each with its own special character.


Cambridge, best known for Harvard University and M.I.T., provides an exciting array of intellectual and cultural events with an international flavor. The housing stock has a wide range including small “workers cottages”, condominiums of all sizes, multi-family homes, Victorian mansions, and luxury full-service buildings. Cambridge has a thriving industrial base, much of it as spin-offs from M.I.T. and Harvard. Currently biotech and internet-related companies are most numerous. Cambridge has several large parks as well as the Charles river for recreation. City of Cambridge Profile, Cambridge City Web Site, A Brief History of Cambridge, Cambridge Neighborhoods Map, More Links


Somerville has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. The extension of the Red Line subway to Porter and Davis Squares led to an influx of professionals who work in Boston as well as students. Interesting coffee houses, music venues, bookstores, and restaurants have migrated over the line from Cambridge. A strong artist community exists. There are many multi-family homes, quite a few single family homes, and an increasing number of condominiums. Now the extension of the Green Line will be a major improvement to the city.  City of Somerville Profile, Somerville City Web Site, Green Line Extension, Somerville Bike Path, More Links


Arlington, north of Cambridge, where “Uncle Sam” (Wilson) was born in 1776 and where Paul Revere rode in 1775, takes pride in its rich history, with many historic buildings carefully restored. Strategically located, Arlington has an active main street with many interesting restaurants and specialty shops. Tree-lined streets abound with colonial homes nestled on hillside lots. The wonderful rails-to-trails commuter bike path goes from the Cambridge Alewife T Station through Arlington to Lexington and Bedford. For greenspace there are almost a dozen parks, ballfields, and pondside paths. Town of Arlington Profile, Arlington Town Web Site, More Info About Arlington, More Links


Belmont has the flavor of a suburb, with little commercial activity, yet it is adjacent to Cambridge and close to Boston. It is known for its many trees, lovely curving streets, and its picturesque town center. The town provides excellent services including a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a wonderful library. The housing includes Colonials, Tudors, many brick homes, and multi-families. Town of Belmont Profile, Belmont Town Web Site , More Links


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